Health Bounce Rebounder Minitrampoline – What needs to be considered

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Health Bounce Rebounder Minitrampoline – 5 things to keep in mind

If you find it difficult to exercise, a medical mini trampoline is an alternative to keep in shape. Maybe you think trampoline jumping is just for kids, it’s even an Olympic discipline and celebrated its debut as a competitive sport in Sydney in 2000. Although the exercises differ from a large trampoline to a mini trampoline, it can still be a very demanding and joyful experience.


Mini trampolines are used for both training courses and training at home, depending on. It is also worthwhile to visit a training group at the beginning, even if you plan to use the trampoline at home. There you will learn the correct exercises and movements that are important for a safe and healthy workout. You certainly have to be careful of many things at the beginning, so that you can do the exercises correctly.

You should also research thoroughly before buying a mini trampoline. Nothing is worse than spending money on a cheap product, and after 2 weeks you will find out that here and there are the first processing errors and you will get your new training equipment back frustrated. In one of my other articles I selected the best mini trampolines in my opinion and took a closer look at them. Read here my article Comparison of the 3 best mini trampolines


Mini trampoline jumping has a number of advantages. With trampoline jumping you can improve your balance and coordination. If you are musical, you can also make great rhythmic movements on the trampoline. Trampoline jumping is a great endurance exercise, and a very good cardiovascular workout because it increases the heart rate and trains several muscle groups at once.

Your heart and respiratory organs work faster, even if you only jump lightly on a mini trampoline, because both organs are forced to fight against the gravity of the earth. Trampolining can improve your motor skills and can help rebuild bone density. In January 2006, a study was carried out in the trade journal “Luftfahrt, Raumfahrt und Umwelt” (Aviation, Space and Environment), which found out that trampoline training was a good alternative to weight training and helps to reduce neck pain and pilot injuries.

Consider the following points

Before you consider buying a trampoline, please inform your insurance company. You never know if there is a clause in your contract that excludes trampolining.

Healing and Recovery

In March 2009 a test training with mini trampolines was carried out with some stroke patients and elderly people. It was found that mini trampoline training supports healing, this study was published in “Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences of Journals for Ageing Series B”. The result of this study was training on the trampoline to improve posture and gait. It also helps to regain a better sense of balance.


According to some studies, more than 90 percent of trampoline injuries occur on domestic trampolines. Frequent injuries are muscle injuries and bone fractures, most of which occur in children. The injuries range from head, neck and spine injuries to concussions. If there are small children in the house, it is advisable to lock away the mini trampoline, perhaps it is worth considering buying one at all.


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