Health Bounce Rebounder comparison, the 3 best minitrampoline Manufacturer

What is the best Minitrampoline for a healthy swing?

I’ve been back on a new health trip … uh … jump and want to eat better, drink more green juice and exercise more.

It also depends on how much time and money I want to invest in one thing, and above all what goals I pursue. The Minitrampolin is in my opinion a great aid for young and old and gives everyone the opportunity to exercise themselves physically.

Here are the 3 Health Bounce Rebounder:

For the comparison, however, I come below, let me tell you more about Minitrampolines in general.

Why do I prefer a Minitrampoline in the first place?

Maybe you want a practice this:

  • Gentle on the joints, shoulders, knees, etc.
  • Provides a good aerobic workout
  • An advantage for the heart and lymph system
  • Convenient to operate
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store
  • Is quiet
  • Which you can take with you
  • Its safe
  • A training where several muscle groups are addressed
  • Ist fun to use


Does a gym membership offer everything you need?

I bought a gym membership to try it out for a year. I wanted to see how often I use it and how useful the training devices actually are.

Instead of having to buy a large training machine, I wanted to try out the gym.

The sauna and the crosstrainer were my favorites. However, I will not build a sauna and the Crosstrainer has some disadvantages.

Membership in the gym has simply not helped much.

The membership in the gym was great, in the beginning, I went several times a week, but gradually decreased the number of days a week, until I came to the point where I also times a whole week left out.

Unfortunately, it is just so in the hustle and bustle of everyday life (and the holidays), I have not used it regularly to go to the gym. And if I’m considering that I’ve paid a regular fee for it, it hurts.

Crosstrainer or Minitrampolin

OK, as I said the Crosstrainer one of my favorite devices which I wanted to buy. So, now was the question whether I buy or possibly again look for another training device.

I like the crosstrainer, but there are some disadvantages. First, however, the advantages:

Advantages of the Crosstrainer

  • Low impact
  • Fairly calm
  • Adjustable speeds and resistanc
  • Time-controlled training
  • You can read a book while exercising, but it is not so simple


Disadvantages of the Crosstrainer

  • A Crosstrainer is huge!
    • Where do you put something that is so huge? It is a great machine, but the place it occupies is simply huge.
  • Does not make my pulse so high
    • When exercising, I noticed that it is already asking me, but let the jacks beat my heart faster than training on the Crosstrainer.
  • Problems for the joints
    • If my wife uses the Crosstrainer a lot, it affects her shoulders and knee joints very much. This was also one of the main reasons against the Crosstrainer. We would like something we can both use.
  • Work a lot of muscle groups, but could work more
    • Although the Crosstrainer appeals to many muscle groups, I was not quite convinced.
  • Not so much lymph system stimulation (see below for more)
  • It is not so safe for children to deal with
    • Since a Crosstrainer is very large and the moving parts also far away, it is relatively dangerous for children. I’ve already seen people in the gym that have been hurt by such a device almost KO.

Advantages of a minitrampoline

  • Stimulates the lymph system and thus promotes health
    • The lymphatic system is like the trash can for the cells in your body. It is a system connected by nodes throughout the body. However, this system works only with movement, because then the lymph nodes react and build up the old dirt in the body. Specialy, it goes with the up and down movement. There are also valves in the lymph system, which prevents the lymph fluid from leaking back downwards. Jumping up and down helps the lymph fluid circulate well, and the wastes are removed from your body and the cells! The Crosstrainer has no up and down movements like a trampoline.
  • Easy to store
    • You can simply fold the legs of the miniature poles and then simply stow them under the bed, behind a couch, or in a large cabinet.
  • Good aerobic training
    • Some tests (NASA test) have shown that you burn significantly more calories on a trampoline than when jogging. The heart rate is also stimulated much better, which is naturally more favorable for the heart.
    • When I am a golfer, my heart beats faster than running. You do not have to train for eternity. The problem with most Minitrampolins is, however, that they are heavily loaded in the joints.
    • A really good minitrampoline absorbs up to 70% of the force after a jump. Which is, of course, much better for your joints.
  • Quiet operation
    • A trampoline is quiet compared to many other sports equipment and does not require any electrical energy. However, not all trampolines are created the same, some are louder than others, as we shall see below.
  • Mobile
    • Because you can fold the legs, it is also very easy to transport. Some people take it to the beach or to a park. I prefer staying only in the house, but it can also very easily use in the backyard and catch some fresh air. The air outside is better than inside. It is also refreshing to be outside. Try to use a Crosstrainer outside, the only exercise would be to get the Crosstrainer outside :-)! A trampoline has quickly gone outside and completed a few exercises.
    • Another advantage of portability is that you can create the trampoline where you would like to be. So if you want to see a TV show, you can create it in the living room or the entertainment room. When you’re done, you can just make it back. You do not have to have an exercise room, just put your mini-stool under your bed and pull it out when you need it.
    • The minitrampoline, which can be folded half or quarter, are easier to carry. Some of them, like the Cellerciser, are small enough if these are folded, which fit these conveniently into the box over the head in an airplane.
  • Better for the joints (depending on how it is used)
    • Many coaches suggest to start very easy in the first week. For example, Not even with your feet leaving the mat while jumping, so just swing. This helps slowly to get used to the movement.
    • Compared to jumping jacks, bouncing on a miniature pole is much more flexible. However, one must also pay attention to the exercise.

Disadvantages of a Minitrampoline

  • Pronation
    • Pronation takes place under the ankle at the ankle. It describes the inward rotation of the foot immediately after it lands on the ground. This moment is the initial contact, and is part of the standing phase in the step cycle.
    • You do not want your weight not put properly on your feet when you jump, and if the rebounder you get is not high enough quality, you might have pronation problems you have to enlarge.
  • Traps
    • It is possible that you can fall from a trampoline, if you try crazy things, so please do not make crazy things. 🙂
    • A solution, however, would be to get a holding rod, this wat, you can stick to it while practicing.

Health Bounce Rebounder comparison and selection of the best for your needs!

For most questions, the answer is, it depends on …. So it depends on your weight, how sensitive your joints are, how high the price is, etc.

What to avoid:

If you want to buy a Minitrampolin you should stay away from the cheap variants. There are some problems with the cheap variants, but as the biggest problem I find that they are very hard for your knees, back and joints, since they are not well processed.

These trampolines are available for 50-70 euros, and although that does not sound cheap, the design and the materials are there though.

If you want to exercise on a device for a long time sport, it should be well processed and durable.

If you are into the twenties or younger, the cheap Minitrampoline can be okay for you, but if you get older, you need something that supports the age at which you are.

Bad jumps is something you should avoid.

The cheaper minitrampolines cause stronger shocks when you land after a jump.

If you get a lot of hard strokes after your jump when landing, you can just as well jump on a cement bag, which has the same effect! The whole sense of a trampoline is to absorb the shock after the landing.

Good trampolines have been built to absorb the shock, while the bad ones are more of a blow when you come down.

Health Bounce Rebounder comparison

There are many companies that manufacture minitrampolines. Some of the best are those of Bellicon, Trimilin and JumpSport.

Here once again represented pictorially (the order does not say anything about the evaluation):

The Bellicon Premium:

Bellicon Premium

Bellicon Premium

The JumSport 570 M:


Jumpsport 570 M

Jumpsport 570 M

The Trimilin Swing Plus:

Trimilin Swing Plus

Trimilin Swing Plus


There are certainly other pretty good brands, but these three are with the best. How can you compare the Bellicon and JumpSport for example?

The prices of the Trimilin and Jumpsport are easier to swallow. Meanwhile, the Bellicon trampoline is already available in the simplest variant for € 350.

How to make the ultimate “Health Bounce Rebounder test”?

To help you to compare Minitrampoline, there are some good videos where you can see the difference.

Video of the Bellicon vs JumpSport


Conclusion: This test goes with a slight plus for the Bellicon. In 2011, the JumpSport was much worse off! This new comparison from the year 2015 shows, however, the JumpSport was not idle and has now opened to Bellicon.

Video of the bellicon vs Cellerciser


Health Bounce Rebounder test with David Wolfe on the Bellicon and then the Cellerciser, but the Cellerciser is not a real Health Bounce Rebounder, since no rubber ropes.


IBF world champion does training on a bellicon®


Dr. Donald Liebell, M.D., about Osteoporosis and Osteopeniaon the bellicon


Dr. Donald Liebell, M.D., explains the importance of the lymphatic system


Why you should only choose a high-quality mini trampoline

What you do not want is to hurt youself with a qualitatively not so high-quality device.

To be able to injure yourself with the use of the Minitrampolins can be turned away by being careful. But the chance to break your joints on a cheap minitram pole is definitely high.

The better Health Bounce Rebounder are of higher quality, last longer, and are more comfortable to use.

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Which can I now recommend to you?

As my recommendation, I have chosen a Minitrampolin, which really combines all aspects of an individual training device, and is top in the processing and quality.


The Bellicon Minitrampolin


Because it:

  • Good for the joints
  • Very quiet
  • Adjustable mat tension
  • Robust
  • Is very variable in the selection
  • Can be purchased according to body size and weight
  • Have fun!
  • Where can you get a Bellicon trampoline?

The bellicon Health Bounce Rebounder is only available with a bellicon partner, or on the official website.

You can select all possible variants, e.g. With unscrewed legs, or you choose foldable legs. The surface options (diameter) are 39″, 44″ or 49″. You can also select the weight class on the website .The choices are really great, you can adjust everything as you want.



available diameters

Height built up

Net weight trampoline

max. weight person

Jumping mat

Jumping mat color

Leg variant


Number of elastic cords

Rope ring thickness

Rope ring color

Warranty Rope Rings

Guarantee jumping mat

Warranty Frame

inclusive edge padding

Frame and legs - Material

Trampoline foldable

Handle included

DVD included

DVD included

Special features

buyable accessories


payment in installments

bellicon classic Minitrampolin 125 cm

BEllicon Classic



39" ; 44" or 49" 


26 lbs

440 lbs

Standard mat & comfort mat available

9 colors available

Screw legs or folding legs

Single rubber cord


5 strengths to choose from

10 colors to choose from

6 months

3 years

3 years


Steel powder coated





the classical and most sold

2 x grab handle, edge pad, carrying bag, stopper socks

from $499


the best seller


A bellicon trampoline costs about 499$ to 1.029$, it depends on what quality and accessories you want (Like with the autokauf, basic equipment + extras :-)).


I hope the article “Gymnastic trampoline comparison of the 3 best manufacturers” you liked. If you have suggestions or questions please use the commentary.



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