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My overview helps you if you want to buy a rebounder

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Do you want to buy a rebounder (mini trampoline)?

I once took the time and compared a few selected bellicon trampolines.

I will expand and update this overview from time to time.

bellicon trampolines are equipped with rubber ropes instead of steel springs!

Here are a few quick tips if you want to buy a bellicon mini trampoline.

How high should the room be in practicing with the trampoline?

I am often asked how high the room height should be. Many people have to keep in mind that the available room height is not sufficient. You can assume that for a person who has a height of about 1.95 m, a ceiling height of about 2.80 m guaranteed is sufficient.

How big should the diameter of the jumping mat at least be, so that there is enough space to work out?

Here, the size and weight of the person also plays a crucial role. Children, for example, certainly need a smaller diameter than adults. Therefore, I recommend in any case for adults with a height of 175 cm and a weight of about 75 kg a diameter of at least 75 cm.

Is it important how hard you are?

Yes definitely, I can only say that. Therefore, there are also different rope strengths. The looser the trampoline is (in swing), the easier the person standing on the device can be. And the tighter the swing mat is taut, the heavier a person can be. And that’s exactly what you can do with the rope rings. Below (in the comments) I once added an overview of the rope ring strengths of the bellicons and the weight of the person. Here is good to see which rope ring strength for the desired training would be the right one.

Also pay attention to the safety aspect if you want to buy a mini trampoline!
Like all commercial offers, there is also a TÜV and GS mark for a trampoline. In terms of safety, pay close attention to the edge padding. The sharp corners and edges should be covered by as wide and thick edge pads as possible, so that you do not get injured while jumping.

There should not be any gaps where you could get caught in jumps that are a bit wrong. A trampoline must always be placed on a stable and straight-angled surface. Also, be aware that there are nowhere in the vicinity any furniture or other objects that could possibly injure you in a fall. This point is really important in your preselection if you want to buy a mini trampoline.


Here is my overview (winter 2018)

If you click on the blue shopping cart under the respective product in the table you will get to the shop, where you can buy the corresponding medical mini trampoline.

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If you are still unsure which mini trampoline suits you best, then maybe my new post will help. There I present you my new bellicon classic 112, and show you how to find the best bellicon for your needs. Here is the post: My new bellicon and how to find the right mini trampoline for your needs.


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