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FotoHello my name is Karsten but many call me Falco. I’ve founded this blog so I can help people get healthy or stay healthy. And all the help of a great and really fun training device. After all, why are you tormented by sports, it has to be fun, otherwise you will quit sooner or later?

For me, the winter months have always been a torment, on one hand, I gained weight constantly (partly up to 15 kg) and on the other hand the sun and the warmth. I’ve been doing sports all my life, but was always too lazy to do something during winter. I had tried it with a Hometrainer, but after 4 units it finally gets dusty in the corner.

Then, I tried to run during the winter, but again after a few attempts I lost the desire (was simply too cold). Until one day a friend with a Minitrampolin told me what to use at home.

Only I did not want to jump in the apartment and since I have a scoliosis from birth, I was then a little cautious about the matter. Somehow, I came across my searches on trampolines that are only processed with ropes and should be very good for the vertebrae and joints. I then augmented and was immediately fully excited. Since then I use the trampoline regularly in winter (sometimes also in summer) to stay fit. You can do an infinite number of exercises that really train the whole body.

I would be delighted if I could inspire you to stay healthy and fit with a medical trampoline.

Since February 2017, I am now an official bellicon partner, and entitled to convey this great mini-trampoline. So if you have any questions about the bellicon trampoline, then please feel free to contact me at contact@gymnastic-trampoline.com


Wishing you all the best

Karsten “Raul Falco” Wagner

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